AMS College aims to create a world of knowledge and learning with a difference. It strives at excellence to provide pragmatic and useful education. The College is quite sensitive and concerned to impart education to the youth of 21st century. A holistic and interrogative mind alone can make the youth competitive and globally acceptable. Education generates and critical and reflective thinking among men and women. AMS College is committed to such a philosophy and intellectual empowerment of young men and women. We have job-oriented programmes of study and research, which include Engineering, Management, Computer and Systems Sciences. Our effort is to equip the students in these domains of theory and practice. A semblance of the two alone can ensure a balanced intellectual development of a student. Beside this, we also offer integrated and dual degree programems in selected disciplines. Since education is an opportunity, which ought to be available to rank and file. This testifies our commitment towards fulfillment of social responsibility. The principle of limit does not apply to education. It is not only universal; it is also a desirable means of enlightenment and liberation. We have taken into consideration such a philosophy of education while formulating our programmes of study and in the implementation of the same through classroom teaching, seminars and discussions, and by way of stateof-art infrastructure and teaching aids. We welcome you to AMS College, a centre of excellence, and a unique place for knowledge and learning.