Objective of the ‘O’ Level Course
The objective of the course is to equip a student with necessary skills as per following job role.
i. User Interface (UI) Designer
ii. Web Designer
iii. Web Publication Assistant
iv. Office Automation Assistant
v. IoT Application Integrator

Duration of the Course
The duration of NIELIT ‘O’ level course is 520 hours and the minimum period to cover contents is Six Months.

Sr.No.Subject CodeSubject NameSyllabus
1M1-R5Information Technology Tools and Network BasisDownload Syllabus
2M2-R5Web Designing & PublishingDownload Syllabus
3M3-R5Programming and Problem Solving through PythonDownload Syllabus
4M4-R5Internet of Things and its ApplicationsDownload Syllabus
5M5-R5Practical based on M1-R5, M2-R5 , M3-R5 and M3-R5